20mm Aggregate

Our 10-20mm Aggregate BSEN 12620 is primaraly used in high strength ready mix concrete. It also makes a great decorative stone for paths and driveways

Armour Rock

We can select and supply all sizes of Rock upto 15 tonnes

Fill Material

Class 1A bulk fill

Mortar Sand

BSEN 0-2MM Fine sand for mortar

40mm Clean stone

Our clean 40mm stone has a variety of uses including drainage and piling 505b

Port of Fowey

We can load ships capable of up to 10,000 tonnes at Fowey.

Gabion Stone

Our 100 - 200mm clean stone is suitable for gabion baskets and large drainage media.

803 MOT Type 1 sub base

803 MOT Type 1 sub base 0-50mm

Littlejohns Pit

Part of our processing facility.

Cone crusher

One of our Eleven crushers. This one is making sub base.

505b being delivered to site.

Another happy customer with a delivery of clean stone.

Railhead Facility

We can also ship our aggregates by rail. This train was taking 1500 tonnes of 4/20mm aggregate to central London.